Russian Market Entry Strategy and Government Relations

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Located in Moscow we serve as strategic entry point to Russian and adjacent markets.

Market entry strategy, business development functions and government relations in Russia. All verticals.

Government relations, partners search, quick market review, initial contacts/cold calls etc.

Local business regulation, technical requirements, qualification and certification, property tenders and investment opportunities.

Assisting businesses to grow and prosper since 1988. Quick and reliable service.

Reference/proof from billion dollar worth individual is available on demand in very special case.

Any B2B/B2C segment/vertical - including but not limited to:

Digital Media, E-commerce, Mobile Games Production and Distribution, Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Railways, Machinery, Energy, Industrial Equipment, Construction/Development, Food, FMCG, Agribusiness, Commodities, Venture Capital, Direct Foreign Investments etc.

Also serve adjacent geographic markets.

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